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Made alone for BlockJam 2022


Genetic Koonies is a game of breeding and fighting creatures: the Koonies.

Each Koonies is defined by a genetic code, which defines its shape, and its fighting skills.

As a Koonies breeder, you will use several machines to mutate and crossbreed the Koonies, and build an army that will lead you to victory.

How to play

The game is played entirely with the mouse. You can move around by bringing the mouse to the edge of the screen, or using the keyboards arrows.

A tutorial is included in the game

Based on Nervos Network

/!\  Currently only testnet was used in the game. You private key is not retrieved/stored.

The game was made by itself for the BlockJam. It is based on the Nervos blockchain in test version v1.1 ( godwoken). You can connect your metamask wallet to unlock features.

Earn JUICE: the ERC20 token created for the game. You can claim 100 JUICE (JCE) directly in the game.

The address of the contract is: 0x069BB45e8DD102aDDcE3aDE9Aea4CF1A6345Adf2


You can face the armies of your friends in the game. You just have to share a code that the game gives you with someone.

The information of your army is stored on a decentralized storage, which allows anyone to retrieve your army to fight it thanks to the storage identifier (CID)


The jam was intense, and I had to remove a lot of content that was planned. Maybe it will happen later. 

  • More creatures parts / power / ability like heal, stun, etc.
  • The possibility to mint your creature into an NFT ( ChainSafe mint not currently working on godwoken)
  • Jackpot system to PvP tournament (with JUICE)
  • Bet system to PvP & PvE tournament (with JUICE)



Assets (Free)

  • Kenney Voice pack
  • JMO Assets Cartoon free
  • Sunshine Forest
  • 2D HandCrafted Art
  • Freesound ( see name of file on git for credits)
  • Beautiful Progress Bar
  • Nyx( basic code to kickstart project in unity)
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Tags2D, Creative, evolve, genetic, Sandbox
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
MultiplayerAd-hoc networked multiplayer


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Version 7

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