A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A brand new version of the game is coming. You can join the discord to have news !

Connect wires and interact with buttons to solve different types of puzzles. Create new puzzles with the game editor and share them with other players.


  • Resolve 20 puzzles by connecting modules and touching buttons
  • InGame Editor : Create your own puzzle
  • Publish and download levels from other players
  • Scriptable Microprocessor module in miniscript to create more complex behaviour
  • An automatic robot platformer to create new kind of puzzles.


The idea is to create a generic canvas to create new games of several types. So with the editor, you can create games like escape game, cockpit game, platoformer puzzle, etc. And even a pinball (coming soon). I will continue to enrich the different parts to give even more freedom to creators.


Thanks to Karismatrixx for playtesting the game !


  • You can press F12 to create a capture of the game in MyDocuments/Kotronic
  • Your levels saved and downloaded are stored for windows in : C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\Kalinarm\Dashboard\levels
  • If you interest in the game, you can join my discord
  • Here is the list of shortcuts


I'd like to keep improving this game after the jam votes, and after getting feedback from the first players. I think there is a lot of potential to create new types of puzzles. And just adding a few more modules can quickly increase the possibilities tenfold. I already have a lot of ideas, I just have to do them ;)

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
TagsCreative, Level Editor


kotronic-win64.zip 45 MB
Version 4 Oct 01, 2022
kotronic-mac.zip 61 MB
Version 2 Apr 26, 2022
kotronic-linux.zip 61 MB
Version 1 Mar 20, 2022

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