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Audio Only Game with focus on accessibilty made during No Video Jam.

This game is based on sound spatialization and use binaural sound.

For the best experience, use headphones !


You're a baby alien looking for his mom in a sci-fi ship. Find her and avoid all traps and guards only with sounds !


Up/Down arrows : Move forward/backward

Left/Right arrows : Rotate left/right

Space : call your mom


Defender : Sound design, Sounds sourcing, Testing

Kalinka : Game design, Coding, Integration

Sound Credits

Starting with the incredibly generous offerings from sonniss.com and  all the participating companies from it's yearly GDC Audio Bundles we have:
License at: https://sonniss.com/gdc-bundle-license/

GDC 2015
metallic ambient sweeteners (RDGSFX008 - The Metal Shelf)
Components of alien egg breaking sound (Mattia Cellotto - Crunch Mode)
GDC 2016
metallic ambient sweetener (MatiasMacSD - FEEL TEXTURES VOL 1)
Turret scanning noise (SoundMorph - Lost Transmissions)
metallic ambient sweeteners (Colin Lechner - Colinized Sculpture Library Vol. 1)
Computer terminal ambient sweetener (SoundBits - Computer Sound FX 2.0)
Component of alien egg breaking sound (MatiasMacSD - INFECTED ZONE)
GDC 2017
Sizzle used in the flame thrower turret death sound (RedSonic - Frying Water)
GDC 2018
Computer terminal ambient sweetener (Sound Spark LLC – Analog Synth Volume 1 Bleeps, Sweeps and Creeps)
Components of alien egg breaking sound (Articulated Sounds - Bones & Blood - Gore Elements)
GDC 2019
metallic ambient sweeteners (BlueZone - Heavy Metal Impact Sound Effects)
metallic ambient sweeteners (Baxter Audio - IMPACT)
metallic ambient sweetener (Coll Anderson - Cymbal Flash)

The following sounds came from the Adobe Audition DLC Sound Packs.  My appreciation goes out to Adobe for making these sounds available for legal use by everyone.
license at: https://offers.adobe.com/en/na/audition/offers/audition_dlc/AdobeAuditionDLCSFX....

Hissing noise used in the various player death sounds (Horror Pack)
Multiple Sci-Fi drones used as ambience (Drones Pack)
The wall bumps (Impacts Pack)
Guard movement (Footsteps Pack)
Asorted computer terminal bleeps used as ambient sweeteners (Science Fiction Pack)
Part of the flame thrower turret death sound (Fire and Explosions Pack)

We also used two fire effects from the incredible "FREE SOUNDS – FLAMMABLE LIQUID" sound pack made by Boom Library (flame thrower turret firing and part of the flame thrower turret death sound)
License at: https://www.boomlibrary.com/terms-conditions/

And we got the shotgun pump for the second male guard from the unfortunately no longer available [Free Firearm Sound Library] at airbornsound.com (originally recorded by Still North Media)
License at: https://www.airbornesound.com/user-licence/

The sounds below all fall under various versions of the Creative Commons Attribution Licenses both commercial and non commercial, as well as Public Domain.

Thank You to the following users from freesound.org for their excellent work.
estlacksensory (for the flame thrower turret's motor moving)
snakebarney (for the powerup sound in the female guard's pistol)
Franq and Tambre (for the energy sweetener in the second male guard's shotgun pump)
soundmatch24 (for the zap sound when the player gets shot by a guard)
jaraxe (for the tech sweetener in the first male guard's assault rifle readying sound)
klangfabrik (for the laser shotgun blasts)
julien-matthey (for the female guard's pistol shots)
dpren (for the first male guard's assault rifle firing sound)
kno-sfx (for the slide rack sound in the female guard's pistol draw)
beerbelly38 (for the hammer cock sound in the female guard's pistol draw)
mypantsfelldown (for the basis of the alien's footsteps)
hoerspielwerkstatt (for portions of the level 1 and 2 ambience)

Now for the awesome contributors at opengameart.org
Amacnaughton (for the robotic turret voice)
rubberduck (for the alien mother's vocals)

And last but not least, the generous people of itch.io
Sound mixer BCKR and voice actors Meghan Christian, Sean Lenhart, and Alex Brodie (for the guard vocals)

Any missing/incomplete attribution or improper use under license is completely unintentional, please bring any concerns to the attention of the game's author.


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Version 3


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Defender here...
Working with Kalinka on this game was an absolute pleasure.  Great guy and he managed to make a very playable end product in two weeks while dealing with a big timezone difference, a day job, personal life, and working on another game at the same time.
I appreciated the opportunity to work with all other participants as well of course, but I always looked forward to helping with this game even when it got difficult at times because I knew how flexible and communicative my team mate was, and I got to be creative again after a long time of being unsure if I could do sound design again thanks to my hearing issues.

I'm proud to have helped with this, and if Kalinka ever decides to expand it I'm definitely down!